Kenny G Perez is a Software Engineer based in Orlando, Florida.

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Lachlan - Computer Vision Facecam

Lachlan is one of the largest Fornite streamers with over 14.5 million subscribers on YouTube. I lead the development in creating a streaming facecam that would react according to Lachlan's in-game health and shield. This required me to develop a proprietary computer vision software to analyze his gameplay in real-time. Using a WebSocket connection the stats would be sent to an OBS browser source.

  • Computer Vision
  • Facecam
  • Node + Express
  • WebSocket
of ucf here app infront of the ucf campus

University of Central Florida - UCF Here

QRCode based attendance application utilizing a native mobile app and LTI enabled Python/Django web application. I lead the development of the mobile application. Refactored student design project code to make it production-ready and optimized the code to use the best practices. UCFHere utilized React Native and Expo SDK.

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • QR Code
of ucf here app infront of the ucf campus

Visuals By Impulse - Client Portal

I developed a preparatory CRM software to allow VBI to manage their custom design projects, client relationships, and handle payments. I was the lead programmer on this managing a small team. We utilized Node+Express and MongoDB on the backend. VueJS on the frontend.

  • Node + Express
  • MongoDB
  • AWS
  • Vue
  • Braintree
of the VBI portal user interface